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Shibori, also known as Japanese art of batik, refers to a technique of dyeing fabric using various tying techniques. In those places where the fabric is tied, the fabric  does not absorb any color. This allows an infinite variety of patterns to be created. Washing or exposure to direct sunlight may also cause the color fastness of the pattern to fade over time. 


Each of our products with tie-dye is hand-dyed by us. This also makes each pattern a little different - or, to put it simply, unique and unique like DU. 

​What does that mean? As you may have already noticed, our delivery time is normally 2-3 weeks. The reason for this is that we produce on demand. Only when we receive an order  do we manufacture your selected product.



One of the biggest problems -  besides the fact that we live in a throwaway society -  is in the fashion sector, which is destroying the market through overproduction and mass production_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_formally flooded. Supply and demand do not match and so tons of clothes are primarily overproduced every day and then simply "thrown away" because they were not sold. 

Manufacturing the orders on request allows us  exactly the opposite - no overproduction but individual production. In addition, we even try to turn our last scraps of fabric into something useful. This is how terry residue becomes reusable & washable make-up removal pads. Once in a while, this also results in a special edition poncho creation, which likes to be a bit colorful ;D 

It's worth the wait - but if it has to go faster, we'll be happy to turn into a night owl and put in an extra sewing session, to send your order off in time. It is well known that asking does not cost anything. Write to us for this:

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