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All models are unisex and available in short, medium and long lengths, as well as in baby, mini, kid and youth sizes.




- approx. 85cm long measured from the neck
- for smaller girls & boys


- measured approx. 100cm long from the neck

- for medium-sized girls & boys - approx. knee-length



- approx. 115cm long measured from the neck

- for tall boys & girls who like to keep their knees covered 


Width for all adult ponchos

- about 75cm

XL - Extra Long / Extra Wide

On request we are also happy to manufacture an extra long/extra wide poncho. Especially for men who are particularly tall (approx. 1.90) and possibly also have broader shoulders, it may be more comfortable to make the poncho longer and possibly a little wider. For extra length or width we charge a small surcharge of € 5, - for additional material costs.


- Baby approx. 1 to 2 years - length 45cm

- Mini about 3 to 5 years - length about 60cm

- Kids approx. 6 to 8 years - length approx. 65cm

- Youth approx. 10 to 14 years - length approx. 70cm


Still unsure?

If you have problems deciding on a size, feel free to contact us at any time! 

You are also welcome to determine the length of your poncho yourself. Simply note this in the information field when ordering or send us a message to:

Care Instructions

care instructions

With terrycloth fabrics, it is normal for excess fluff to come off during the first few washes. Do not overload or underload the washing machine, otherwise there will be increased friction in the washing drum, which in turn will lead to more fluff. Gladly do without fabric softener, as this forms a film veil and the superfluous lint cannot come off. 


It is best to wash with towels of the same color or darker color as the fabric can easily stain. We recommend washing the surf ponchos at 30°/40° to protect the material and, if necessary, to preserve the fabric pattern for as long as possible. 

care symbols

Also with the ponchos made of waffle piqué & for all other products, we recommend that you wash them immediately upon receipt, as stated on the care label. In principle, the loss of products is not a material defect and therefore the buyer has no right to an exchange. However, if the goods were washed according to the care label within the right of withdrawal (14 days after receipt of the goods), we are willing to exchange or take back the goods as a gesture of goodwill.

If the properties of the textiles (fluffiness, size, structure, color) change due to (improper) care by the buyer after the 14 days of the right of withdrawal have expired, the buyer has no right to exchange or similar.

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