We are behind wiemeer - 2 creative minds (like to dive into waves) - Annika and Nadine. We met on the island of Fuerteventura in search of waves, adventure and the sea.

What was missing after the daily surfing session - a cozy poncho that was not only practical and fairly manufactured, but was also nice to look at. The ponchos we designed for ourselves soon became ponchos we sewed ourselves for friends, and so the idea came up to found a small label ourselves to supply our friends and their friends with ponchos._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

No sooner said than done - words became deeds and so the idea of founding the label  wiemeer   was born bit by bit. 

Why surf ponchos?

Anyone who has ever caught surfing fever knows the feeling of surfing the best waves, coming out of the water overjoyed, sitting at the spot fulfilled and looking back at all the waves. What shouldn't be missing? A faithful companion in the form of a surf poncho. 

We also want to transfer this feeling of happiness to our ponchos. It should be comfortable so that you can comfortably peel off your wetsuit after surfing. It should be cuddly and provide warmth and security after several hours in the water. In addition, it should offer freedom of movement so that you can chill in it a bit afterwards and of course it should also be nice to look at. The perfect companion for every surfer & sea lover.  

From the idea of creating surf ponchos, other products have developed over time. Surfwear & Accessories that are fair & unique, comfortable, practical and of high quality, but at the same time simple and casual. Just for everyone who likes to spend their days by the sea, in the city or out and about in nature. 

PC191415 Kopie_edited.png

All surf ponchos   are sewn by us for you on request. There is a lot of passion and love in every order. We want to offer you something unique & authentic, with great attention to detail. Something made especially for each of you. A little bit like sea .

Since we manufacture every poncho on demand from high-quality cotton terry cloth with an Öko-Tex® certificate according to Standard 100, we can not only take care of the environment and avoid mass/overproduction, but also implement special requests and special creations. We are always happy about special color combinations and design requests and have an open ear for every idea. We pack our orders with recycled paper and ship our packages in second-hand boxes to reduce unnecessary packaging material and avoid using plastic.

Please note that the delivery time is approx. 2-3 weeks.
If the next surf trip is coming up sooner, don't despair, just ask - we'll definitely find a solution for you to get your poncho to you faster! Write to us: